why so lazy beth?

dress- Urban Outfitters USA
hat- H&M (sales last year)
shoes- New Look
Hair scrunchie (used as bracelet)- Topshop
Lipstick- Topshop

So once again, I have not done blogging in ages. I always want to do it and hype over it when I watch    you tube and some day want to do what they do before I start the rest of my adventures. 

For the next two years I'll be doing on my a-levels and I'm studying art, business studies (BTEC) and psychology. Not really looking forward to it but I'm exited for the independence and it gives me time to grow up and see the real world.. This summer I've already started it by doing an exchange to America through the Rotary. I had an amazing time and saw a lot of the Eastern side of America, which includes Washington DC, Cape Cod, New Jersey and NEW FREAKING YORK. Maybe if this starts working out properly I'll do a take back Thursday or something.

So while I was I'm America, I hyped over Urban Outfitters and American Appareal as it was so much cheaper! I picked up this dress in the sale and worked out about 20 English pounds!! You can't really tell, but the dress is a loose hem smock dress.

Now my plan is to try and do as many blogs as possible and not slack for months! Although I'll have more time on my hands, I most probably will be busy 24/7 due to school and work etc!!

Bethany Sarah xo