winters an excuse for more tea

Leather Jacket- Topshop
Boots- Dorothy Perkins
Necklace- American Appareal
Bracelet- Pandora
Nails- Barry M; Pink Flamingo

I can't believe it was lovely hot weather then now look at it.. It is freezing cold but I braved myself to wear this dress as I ordered it last week and don't want it to be locked away till the summer. I thought that the dress would team up with the leather jacket well as it suits the current seasons weather more! 

Now this season, everyone is craving over cut out shoes. For me boots last 5 minutes so I didn't want to spend loads on a pair in Topshop so I thought that I would wait and then I came across a this pair and they were a really good price! Especially with student discount on top! You can really see in the photo but basically they have a small cut out either side with a strap going through it. Please ignore the fact my feet make me look like a clown, they aren't that big..

I love top knots and hair scrunchies at the minute and I think it's because I'm having holiday blues from America as all me and the girls did was put our hair in top knots with a scrunchie around it. I always try and do it for school but it never works out, but now I've worked out a new trick. Basically what you do is put your have in a high ponytail, literally do a knot in your hair like you would tying your shoe laces or something. Then just put another small hairband/scrunchie over top then it is done! 

Bethany Sarah x