Everyone dreams of what designer pieces they want in their wardrobe, but for me if I want it that bad I can't get it till I'm older as I simply cannot afford luxury.

Being 17 and at school results into driving and being a waitress so I'm being rather stingy with my money that I'm picky on what to buy in Topshop. Also I'm planning to go to the Secret Garden Party in the Summer with all my friends and that won't come cheap..

I've picked out 7 staple items that I've wanted for years and which I will continually want until I can hopefully afford it one day!

Can you imagine being able to get one of these a day? All you'll need is Harry Styles and life would be perfect

Day Two- A pair of classic Louboutins 
Day Three- A Classic Cambridge Satchel Bag (with my initials embossed on it; might as well go all out)
Day Five- A Mulberry bag