Jumpsuit Lookbook

Jumpsuit- Topshop

Bomber- H&M (one alike)
Shoes- Asos
Lipstick- Maxfactor Lip Tint

Jacket- Topshop
Clutch- Accessorize (one alike)
Shoes- H&M (discontinued)

Kimono- River Island
Sandals- H&M

I got this jumpsuit for one of my Christmas outfits but haven't really paid it much attention since. The reason I bought this one is because black goes with everything! I can also dress it up and down and jumpsuits don't tend to go out of fashion. I really like the jumpsuit as its a lovely fit and such a lovely fabric. However it is uncomfortable to sit in so when I was having a lazy boxing day, it wasn't too comfortable to wear all day!

The first image I was trying to go for a Casual look with the whole bomber thing. I don't really wear this bomber because I get scared to wear it out for some reason.. but when its teamed up with the jumpsuit I think it looks really cute! Shock that these shoes are out again, I'm obsessed with them. This time I wore them without socks though. 

The second outfit is a lot more formal with the wedges and the clutch. I really want a wedding or event to come up now so I can wear this outfit! This is my favourite out of the three of them. I think its because the jumpsuit is a statement alone so with the amazing clutch it really works well altogether! If that makes sense?.. One thing a love about the wedges is that they have a sharp angle at the back, they look so pretty! I chose to team this outfit with a leather jacket to make to look a bit more 'rough'.  If I was going to a wedding or something I'd more likely wear a blazer instead of the leather jacket. 

Although it's winter, outfit number three is more of a summer look! I'm just way too exited for summer to come by again.. I bought this kimono for Wireless festival last summer and like my bomber, it hasn't really appeared outside of the wardrobe much and I think it is because of similar reasons really and I get cold feet! However I do feel that this outfit looks really cute together and will be worn during the summer season when it is a bit cold but too hot to wear a jacket!