Shirt- Topshop SALE
Shearling Coat- Romwe
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Asos

This blog is mainly to show off the shearling coat, as now I am getting on with my blogs, I feel like I can shop at blogger shops if that makes sense?! I've heard about Romwe before through blogs and that, but then I came across of this beauty on a haul video! I then had a snoop around Romwe and I couldn't not buy the coat as it was only £20! Now when I've tried to link it I can't find it on the website :| 

When I first received the coat I wasn't that impressed until I did the photos for the blog. In person, the sheepskin is a bit fake, and the jacket is more of a dark grey rather than black! But in reality you cannot expect a perfect coat for £20!! 

I caught this top in the sales of Topshop a couple of weeks ago; I really like the pattern and style and I feel that it suits me very well!