printed stuff

1. Topshop Pineapple Necklace
2. Urban Outfitters Cold Shoulder Tunic
3. Zara Leaf Print Top
3. Urban Outfitters Off the Shoulder Dress
4. River Island Abstract Tee
5. Topshop Folk Print Tee
6. New Look Spotty Slip Dress
7. Motel Citrus Playsuit
8. Topshop Sunnies
9. Topshop Chunky Heart Flatform Sandals

I'm  a bit behind on my art coursework,however I've had a headache all evening so I needed an excuse not to do it! Nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy. Although my bank does find something wrong with it.. Anyway, these are some bits and pieces that took my fancy :)

Art trippin'

So today I went to London on a trip with school and I had to take photos of all the art and everything so I thought I'd take some for blogging too!

Anyways, first of all we headed to Chelsea where we went to the Saatchi Gallery which was really good and the art was very much my taste. Afterwards, we headed to the National Portrait Gallery and then chilled around Trafalgar Square for an hour in the lovely sunshine!

Sucks to be back at school tomorrow..