cigarette pants and skaters

Shirt- H&M
Jacket- Mango (not that similar but a lot hotter)
Trousers- H&M
Shoes- Topshop
Clutch- H&M (one alike)
Watch- Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

Normally, 90% of my clothes on blogs are from Topshop. Today is a special day..

Gone for another monochrome look today! These trousers are my work ones and when I put them on yesterday with a black baggy jumper it actually looked really nice! And so I felt I should get more use out of them, other than wearing at work. I also think it looks boyish and grungey with the burgundy snake skater shoes! However teaming it up with a clutch makes it feel all girly again.

I was in serious need of some decent flat shoes as most of my shoes are either uncomfortable, to big or have a heel! I've seen quite a few people with these shoes and I thought that I would try some on and I then fell in love! They're a bit uncomfy at the minute but once I've got my first use out of them I'm sure they will be amazinggg.

I have one lesson today so I thought I'd have a lie in and do a blog before I go to school! I like to get my priories right.