DIY distressed jeans

Top- Topshop (one like)
Jeans- old H&M
Skaters- Topshop (ones like and nicer)
Necklace- Topshop
Watch- Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

I've been wanting some ripped jeans for a while now and I can't find any that are reasonable price and ones that I like! I am extremely fussy over jeans so I thought I'd just drop it and do it myself. I have five pairs of jeans that just sit in my wardrobe and don't get used because they have little problems. For example these jeans are a bit baggy and therefore I haven't worn them for about six months..  I'm a dreadful human being!

With one of my old jeans I had ripped patches all over them, which was pretty successful for the first time creating distressed jeans, however I realised how much I didn't like the jeans themselves, so I just binned them!

My second attempt was made with these ones which I am pretty pleased with! It's really simple to do and didn't take five minutes! I might work into them a bit more if I find the time because I want to make knees more visible

I really need help with something on my blog... I want to write a bit for people to see if they post a comment but I don't know how to! If anyone could explain how to it would be a bit help! thanks :)