dip dab

Dress- Zara
Sandals- New Look (similar)
Watch- Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

Bit of a boring outfit and not much to show but I am loving this weather and its even warm enough to wear a dress! (hoping that the wind wont blow though)

I have mixed feelings about dipped hem. This depends on the season and the time of year. At this moment in time I have decided that I like it. Unless it's one of those dress that had a leather bustier and an drastic dipped hem chiffon skirt!

I love the colours in the dress, as well as the painted marks. Its a very unique dress and something I miss about the Zara TRF collection, as they used to do a lot of stuff like this for a good price! The hole in the back is lush, however its a bit awk with the bra situation and I simply cannot go braless! 

It is becoming really difficult to find different clothes that I can daily blog about. Saying this, I have enough tops/jumpers to wear something different eevery day of the year..