Sweater Weather

Shirt- Zara (one like)
Jumper- Topshop (one like)
DIY Jeans- H&M
Shoes- H&M 
Necklace- American Apparel
Midi Rings- H&M
Lips- Topshop Satorial 

It is so easy to jazz up an outfit by just using a hat and a pair of heels!

I bought this shirt last winter from Zara and I haven't worn it what so ever. The only reason I bought it was because it has daises on and I love daisies hahah. I'm such an idiot. Anyway you can't really see the shirt but it has a small daisy pattern at the top and then goes like ombre-ish into a larger daisy pattern. I'm thinking about cutting the sleeves off as I think the pattern is a bit too over whelming.

I'm still chuffed to bits with my jeans still so I will advise anyone that doesn't want to spend a lot of money on distressed jeans, just do it yourself! It is so easy and simple!!

Wearing my prom shoes again, the structure at the back of the heels is amazing. They're just amazing shoes really, especially for the price that I paid! (which was £30) 

Just a couple of steps away from wearing my fedora at the house, I've nearly got balls!! Still want another one with a shorter brim, but I don't want to pay loads! Any ideas?