Three Ways to Wear KATE MOSS X TOPSHOP- Outfit One

Dress- Kate Moss X Topshop
Sandals- Office
Sunglasses- New Look
Bracelet- Pandora
Watch- Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

So I was in my local shopping centre with my mother on students night last Thursday and I ended up spending too much money! The first time I went into Topshop I picked up a top and then I ended up returning to the store and getting this beauty so know I've told myself not to spend any money for the rest of the month, then that only lasted two days...

This outfit is the simplest of them all and is something that will be really nice for a holiday or a lovely summers day!

Although this dress is more than I'd normally pay it is definitely worth it! For starters the icon herself created this dress and it is definitely my favourite item of the collection. It really annoys me when my camera doesn't show the details in the dress. Basically, it is a pastel paisley pattern with eyelets and little mirror things around the hem.

Kate Moss, I love you