Maxi Dress- Topshop Tall
Belt- Primark
Sandals- Topshop
Hat- Topshop (one like)
Rings- Mix from Pandora, H&M and Topshop

I'm trying to start my holiday shop to get some bits off the list and I really wanted a simple maxi dress. I never thought I was that tall, but after going into every shop and finding out that every bloody maxi dress is too short I then began to loose hope.

I was strolling round Topshop the other day and found this one in the Tall section; yayyyyyyyyyyy. It may be a little see-through but I don't care. It just gives me an excuse to get a pretty lace bralet and some high-waisted knicker/shorts to go underneath!

The dress is a lovely length either with the belt or without. As I am small on top and larger on the bottom, it looks better to have a belt around to bring the waist in a little and make the boobs look less manly. If I was going to wear a jacket or something I would probably wear the dress without a belt so that I can layer in jewellery and other accessories!

I am still obsessed with this hat