boho chic

Crop Top- Zara SALE
Shorts- Topshop
Kimono- Monki via Asos
Sandals- Topshop
Feather Necklace- Primark
Rings- H&M, Topshop & Pandora

I've been doing way too much shopping lately but the summer holidays is nearly upon us and so is my holiday to Portugal! So it is only necessary that I have to get some bits in...

After being ever so bored Saturday afternoon, I have thought it would be more entertaining to go shopping alone. I managed to rummage around all the shops that I wanted to go to around within two hours!!! Considering this is Cambridge, which means there's a ten minute walk between each side and Zara's queues are a joke, it is magical. Also I found it quite therapeutic and a lot nicer than having to do the shopping talk where you are like 'it's really busy today isn't it..'

I have been searching high and low for a reasonably priced long, grey kimono/duster jacket and I've finally found one that suits my needs! I'm still not 100% about it because there's just something about the kimono sleeves that I don't like! But after taking these photos I love it.

I posted this crop top on a wishlist blog a while ago, and although it was only £18 full price, I still felt it was still overpriced. Then I found it in the sales and so I had to get it really.. I mean why not! It will go with many different outfit attires etc, etc, etc

I like shorts just not on my legs and I always refuse to wear them to the point I've even gone off playsuits now! However, I'm not the most ladylike of people so sometimes I forget that I have a skirt or dress on so I felt that I kind of needed to try some shorts on. I came across this one from Topshop and tried it on and fell in love with it! I wasn't too keen on the pattern beforehand, but then when it was on I really liked it!! It hides the bits of my legs that I don't like and the colour palette will be good for all year round!

All thumbs up from Beth really