My First Festival

The ever so long await finally came around and it was time for Reading festttt. I went to wireless festival last year but this was my first proper so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. It wasn't as bad as I thought but then at the same time it was disgusting.. I'm not too sure if that makes sense but like it was more bearable than I thought it would be!

Originally we was going to go in a big group and people gradually pulled out,which meant that only three of us ended up going! I definitely would have preferred to go in a big group as I think it would have made it more fun when hanging about or whatever but I still had an amazing weekend!! 

All in all we saw 27 acts including the Arctic Monkeys, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Paramore, Disclosure, The Kooks etc etc, who were all amazing and makes the manky toilets worthwhile.

My advise for other first festival people is to bring a trolley thing to take your stuff and I have never carried something so heavy in all my life. Also it you're addicted to tea like I am then get a camping stove of something. Another this is bring food with you as it is ultra expensive, it may also be a good idea to pack something thicker that a roll mat to sleep on as once you've been on your feet all day long all you want to do is have a nice cosy sleep!

I want to do more lifestyle blogger and things so I'm going to go do it while I get the change however I don't lead that much of an entertaining life so it wont be too often.. 

Now that Reading is over the summer is literally over, which means that it is time for winter