Crop Top- Topshop
Midi Skirt- Asos SALE (one like)
Shoes- New Look SALE
Bag- Farfois 
Earrings- Farfois
Belt- Primark

I know I have used this crop top twice in a row but it goes with this skirt wonderfully and it makes me happy and it shows my tan..

I have been looking at midi skirts for ever and I found this in the sales so I thought I'd give it a try! I find it really difficult to find skirts like this that don't make me look like a chubby old granny. Because I do have  wide hips and a big butt!! However I was pleased with this one, although it's just a little big around the waist but wearing a belt makes it look better anyways!

When I was coming home from my holidays in Portugal we had sometime in the airport so we had a little mooch around! Farfois doesn't have any stores in the UK, which is gutting however you can still buy things online. So I guess I forgive them. Anyway I they had a big sale and so I brought a couples of bits and it was so cheap and I couldn't resist them! The messenger bag was about £11.50 and the earrings where about £2.40. So frikking cheap