So this (academic) year has been the busiest one yet. There is always one thing after the next and I never find time do to little things like blogging and youtube, which I did one video about 6 months ago and haven't touched it since!! This is what I mean, I need time to do little things like this so that I feel that I can achieve something other than school work. Anyways, I don't see that happening anytime soon..

Although I complain about being busy 90% of the time, I do enjoy it! I'd much rather be busy than bored because that's what I spent year 8 and 9 doing and I regret not taking other things on board. Being busy this year includes keeping up with school work; as I'm in my final year of A-levels, I've got work life, shopping (obviously), applying/seeing universities, horse riding and balancing friends!! This is going to be the lengthiest post I have ever done but for the few that hopefully read it, I hope you take something from it.

I've gone through all of school not doing having any hobbies and just been concentrating on school and friends. I always thought I didn't like anything and that I didn't have time, when I actually did. I can't do anything about it now and that's something that I've just got to forget about but I would definitely tell my younger self to try a little bit more. My involvement in school is becoming a lot better and not only balancing school work, I am also involved in a young enterprise thing where a group of us have started our own business. I'm also organising our sixth form ball and doing fundraising bits! It's all a lot of fun and it makes me enjoy school a lot more.

I hated my school through year 7-11, however, since I've been at sixth form its been a lot better and I really think my sixth form is a good one. One thing its lacking is supporting with work experience. I think its so important to chase your goals and work in the place where you want to in the future, because you aren't going to gain that at school. In year 10 I went to Hobbs head office in London, which is just located behind Oxford Street. With personal statements and not much hobbies, I felt like I needed to show more to get accepted into the uni's that I have applied for. So despite having way too much on board, I decided to email the creative director and see if they were willing to take me back again for a bit more experience!! They were more than happy to have me back, which was amazing of them considering no fashion house is quiet.

I've spent my last two weeks back in London doing work for the wonderful Hobbs team and although sometimes it has been slow and awks, I have loved it!! Not every experience you do is going to be perfect and I have definitely learnt that along the way but I think the big part of experiencing something is to experience the bad as well. The whole experience has reassured me that I want to spend the rest of my life in fashion and that buying is the one for me. By doing this experience it has definitely made me realised that I can't just sit around waiting for things, you have to chase it. So that's why I felt I should write this post, to tell everyone that don't just sit around waiting for things to happen. Go chase them :)

ps, hoping with that being said I need to make sure I find time to do things like this because I love blogging and I want to know more people that have the same passion as I!