Cruella De Vil

Jumper- H&M
Jeans- Asos
Sandals- Clarks
Scarf- H&M

After seeing the ultra fabulous Charlotte Martin in her fur scarf I felt like I needed it. I think that it my main issue with things is seeing other bloggers and celebrities in certain clothes and I then just want them. Now I work at H&M it tempts me even more as I get discount.. So now throughout the majority of the blogs there will most likely be things from H&M and now I'm constantly seeing new clothes it just gets so tempting. But I need to stop as I want to go on holiday and get a tan on!

I'd advise everyone to go and buy this jumper, its super cosy, baggy and can be worn with anything!! They also have other pastel shades available incase you don't want grey :)

Today has been a day when I sit and finish off my coursework as I have my final art hand in at the end of the week. It is nearly done and so I thought I'd give myself a break and write a little blogggg. I know it is an incredibly simple outfit but I'd rather give more posts that show my day-to-day outfits rather than having a couple extravagant ones!