Dress- Topshop SALE
Clutch- New Look SALE
Shoes- New Look SALE
Lips- Lipstick Queen- Jungle Queen

So I'm not sure how long this resolution crap is going to stick up for because I totally forgot I spend the entire day last Monday taking photos!! This year I haven't been as hyped over the sales as I normally am because it always ends up being really rubbish. However, this year I think I have done quite well.. I've picked up the odd bit but they are good staple bits!! 

The dress was an absolute bargain considering it was £45 down to £18! I love the material and the neck isn't too embellished so its basically perfect. I did size up just because I wanted it to be loose around but stomach and I didn't want it to stick to me as I get a little bloated when I'm getting pissed! After seeing many different bloggers and instagrammers with their fur clutches I was itching to get one but I didn't want to spend too much on it because I know I won't wear it all the time. So when I saw this one reduced I simply couldn't help myself. 

For Christmas I asked for some burgundy or coral lipsticks as I always see Zoella wearing such pretty lip colours and it made me jealous. So my Granny who definitely knows me well picked this incredible colour!! I think it will be perfect for all year round and with it being Lipstick Queen it will definitely be long lasting