Winter Warmers

Shirt- H&M
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Dune @ John Lewis
Coat- Warehouse
Scarf- Topshop

The snow is finally settling and I'm not too sure if I am digging it or not.. There has been multiple times when I have nearly slipped over, so thats one reason I'm not too keen. I guess though the snow isn't all to blame as I shouldn't have worn monk shoes that have no grip whatsoever. As well as that it is so frikking cold outside and I hate it! I want it to be the summer!!

There's so many times where I nearly bought this coat but it constantly went out of stock, but I finally got it back in the end of November and I wear it every single day! Such a gorgeous coat that's nice and oversized- just how I like it.

Another plain jane outfit but is good for everyday! Also a good transition outfit that goes from day to night!! That's the main reason I got both this waxed joni jeans and gorgeous little shirt in the first place! :)