Life in London

So since I last blogged, which was last November, many things have changed for me. In year 13 as most people know, you apply for university. I had one big dream that I have had for a very long time and that is to be a student at London College of Fashion.... and that's where I am now. I moved three weeks ago into my student halls in East London and the time has just absolutely flown by.

I'm studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising, which is so well suited to me and I absolutely love it. It's based in Holborn so it's not too far from my halls and it's also where my boyfriend works so I can't complain.

It still doesn't feel like I'm living in London and the whole idea of my life at the minute is so surreal. However, I am absolutely loving it and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've made some lovely friends and I just love that I can walk ten minutes and be in the city or I can catch a tube and be shopping in Oxford Circus. It's all definitely a lot different compared to being in my small town back home and I am just beginning to feel a bit home sick. But at the same time, it takes me an hour to get back home so I'm not too far away at all!

Now that I'm a fashion student in London, I'm actually going to try and get back into blogging and get on with it! I kind of gave up when I lived in Cambridgeshire as I was too shy to be vocal about it and it was only my brother who I was confident talking to about it. Now I have no reason not to be! So I'm going to give it another gooooo :)