River Island Flower Dress
Topshop Antique Jacquard Midi Skirt
Folk Print Casual Shirt
 Topshop Gloss Ink in Cruel
Asos Top with High Neck
Topshop Carpet Print Sweat
Topshop Crinkle Smock Dress
Boohoo Cassie Chunky Flat Sandal
New Look Flat Sandal (via Asos)
Zara Sling Back Peep Toe Shoe
Asos Textured Biker Jacket

Definitely more on here than what I was expecting.. Also I want all of these item so much, so maybe doing a wishlist blog wasn't the greatest idea. why doesn't money grow on trees? Better start a clothing fund!

I am very exited for Spring Summer this year! All the pastel colours and cute prints are all making an appearance online yayyyy. Goodbye to the boring ol' winter.  

2 in 1

Dress- Topshop
Leather Jacket- Topshop
Fedora- H&M
Shoes- H&M
Necklace- Topshop

Simple little blog post today but I felt one was needed as I was a rebel and came home early! So I may as well do one good deed for today..

I got this dress quite a while ago, but Topshop still have it in store so I'll just pretend its new.. I really like this dress because of the fabric and I like the length of both the sleeves and dress length. However, what I do not really like about it is that it is SO static. Originally I thought it was static due to wearing tights, but I then realised that it is static with no tights too! So that's my only fault with it, but it is an annoying one. 

Its all peachy

Coat- Miss Selfridge (can't find online but was £79 down to £53)
T-Shirt- Topshop
Jeans- Dorothy Perkins
Loafers- Office
Chain Necklace- H & M
Watch- Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

FINALLY, I have treated myself to a peach coat that I have been wanting for agess!! I've decided to return my Romwe one, so it obviously needed reaplacing with an upgrade! OOPSIE. I absolutely adore this coat; it is very comfy and it will definitely go with a lot! The style of it is like a blazer, however it is a nice thick comfy coat! 

I've teamed this up with a bit of monochrome as I think it is the safest way to go with a pink coat and I didn't have enough time to experiment this morning. After being at sixth form I tend to wear a lot more black and white than I used too..

Not looking forward to the early mornings starting from tomorrow; however I'm waiting for the day for this sickness bug to be out of my system!!


Shirt- Topshop SALE
Shearling Coat- Romwe
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Asos

This blog is mainly to show off the shearling coat, as now I am getting on with my blogs, I feel like I can shop at blogger shops if that makes sense?! I've heard about Romwe before through blogs and that, but then I came across of this beauty on a haul video! I then had a snoop around Romwe and I couldn't not buy the coat as it was only £20! Now when I've tried to link it I can't find it on the website :| 

When I first received the coat I wasn't that impressed until I did the photos for the blog. In person, the sheepskin is a bit fake, and the jacket is more of a dark grey rather than black! But in reality you cannot expect a perfect coat for £20!! 

I caught this top in the sales of Topshop a couple of weeks ago; I really like the pattern and style and I feel that it suits me very well!

keep lining up..

T-shirt- eBay
Skirt- Topshop
Shoes- Asos
Glitter Socks- Topshop
Coat- Mango
Bag- Topshop
Watch- Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

I thought you could see the slogan more while I was taking the photos, then whilst I was editing them I realised you can't really see it.. Anyway, the t-shirt says 'Celine up the bitches'. I love the statement on the top, I think it's rather funny! I spotted this top forever ago, and I saw that the real one was like £40, which I was not willing to pay for! So then, I came across this one on eBay for £7 pound! So I thought I'd just get the dupe and it is an absolute bargin!  I'm not a fan of my legs, so I really like this top as its long and the sizing is really good for me!(I got large so its nice and baggy)

I teamed this top with a smarter looking skirt which has been on my blog before! I really like the skirt as it is super comfy and can go with everything!! To add to this monochrome look I'm wearing my boyfriend coat. The material is fairly thin so its very useful for the winter and spring! 

I've been keeping updated with LFW through my social media; one day I will be attending it. I simply cannot believe that the first time Kendall Jenner was frow-ing next to Anna Wintour.. even Alexa Chung was shocked when she sat next to her. I wanna be Kendall Jenner so I can be front row and dating Harry Styles. And she is HOT.  

well hello...

Motel Savanna Cold Shoulder Dress
Dress Lily Pink Boyfriend Coat
Topshop Peep Toe Boots
Tanya Bur Lip Gloss in Vampire Kiss
Topshop Camel Fedora
Zara Crossover Top
Motel A-line Mini Skirt in Mandala

These are random bits and bobs that I've had my eye on..

I love motel dresses and there are a couple of dresses that I nearly bought but never did! Anyways with this one I love the cold shoulder and think it would be amazing for all seasons :) 

I'm still in ore over these pink and mint coats but I feel like sooner or later they'll go out of fashion, therefore I don't want to spend loads on an amazing one! And that is where cheap websites come in... Thanks to blogging and finding out what others have, I am able to find random websites like this when the clothes are really cheap and it doesn't matter if trends go in and out of fashion

The peep toe boots are amazing for all year round, and I bet they look amazing with everything! May have to save up for them.

I love watching YouTube videos, especially through the breaks of my Saturday night TV! I love watching the likes of Zoella, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler, Tyler Oakley, Caspar, Jim and of course Tanya Burr! I've seen the videos about the launch and that and I really want a lip gloss now! I'm not a big lip stick person so I kinda want to try more to see what I like!

I've been going on about fedoras for ages and I think a camel one is most practical colour with the spring coming up! 

There has been a lot of cross over/high necked crop tops and I came across this one from Zara! I really like the style and colour and think it would look really good with the Motel A-line skirt, which I am obsessed withhh

8th February

Dress- New Look
Jacket- Mango
Shoes- River Island (ones like)
Fedora- H and M
Necklaces- Accessorize
Watch-Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

Damn it is windy today!! Not ideal to wear a dress really..

I got this dress a couple of months back for like £7 thanks to Asos' student discount offers! Basically I got it for a party and have only worn it that once, when I should wear it more often considering its only a skater dress and many'a items go with it! Another reason why I like this dress is because you can either have it on the shoulders or off! I've gone for the off the shoulder look because it is a lot more flattering

You can't really see my shoes, but they are flatform sandals with silver studs around the bottom

Not much else to say I guess :) 


Top- Topshop
Leather Jacket- Topshop
Necklace- H and M
Watch- OliviaBurton @ John Lewis

Joining the gingham bus! Firstly I'd like to apologies for looking so dreadful. I look soooo ill but its probably because my make-ups warn off and I haven't been bothered to reapply some!

I've seen so many blogs and instagrams pictures of gingham tops and the more I see the more I want.. I bought this one two sizes too big and I'm glad I did. I wanted it loose, which it is! 

Gone for the whole monochrome look, however I wish I had a pink coat in times like this. I keep putting myself off buying one but I always go back.. 

Mr Big

T-shirt- Topshop
Trousers- Pull and Bear  (ones like)
Leather Jacket- Topshop
Loafers- Office
Fedora Hat- H and M
Watch- Olivia Burton @ John Lewis

So I'm spending my Sunday chilling in Bambi slippers watching Sex in the City.  I gasped when I saw Carrie Bradshaw's walk in wardrobe; her life is every girls dream

I always seem to order new clothes after doing a blog and so I ordered this t-shirt along with a candy pink one! I thought that these simple t-shirts will be useful to wear with anything and they are good, thin t-shirts for the summer

I love hats but I don't feel comfortable wearing them out in places around where I live, because most people you see shopping or whatever are in tracksuits. Lovely ol' peterborough. Just waiting for the day to be living in London!! Despite this, I will continue to buy hats and I really want a camel or burgundy fedora but don't know where to get one from..