Sienna Miller Inspired

Dress- Hobbs
Scarf- H&M
Boots- Dune @ John Lewis
Lips- Lipstick Queen- Jungle Queen

So I'm sure basically every fashion forward person would have seen the Sienna Miller photo with her new chop and that amazing Celine striped dress. Mine doesn't have a scratch on hers but it is striped and midi so I guess they are basically the same.

I want to wear this so much more but I'm not brave enough to get my legs out as this weather is extremely freezing cold. But when it hits March I will be wearing it out. You definitely wouldn't have thought that this dress was Hobbs, but there stuff is not as old as you think!! After working there in the head office a couple of times know, you realise how much care and consideration goes into their products so I do understand the pricing. Due to it being a smaller business compared to something like Topshop or H&M, they spend more time perfecting their products!! And I absolutely love this one!

This scarf has been sacred to me for the last couple of months and is perfect for all year round!! H&M are the absolutely brilliant for scarves and are such a good price!! So if anyone has never noticed it, then you need to get there