very little clothes

Bralet- Asos
Skirt- Topshop
Boots- New Look
Cardigan- Mother's Wardrobe
Bracelet- Topshop

I was outfit planning for an upcoming party and I put this on and thought it would be a good idea for a blog post; so tada! I am definitely not the most skinnniest person in the world, however I feel that this outfit is quite flattering.

I love the mix of patterns and I feel that the bralet just works really well with the skirt and its wrap-ness! I'm dying to get a long cardi or trench coat but I haven't got round to searching for one yet. So for the time being I'll borrow mums cardi, which is really nice as it is thin so its good for the spring weather. To add to that, it is very floaty so it has the longer cardigan vibes to it. (I'm not too sure if that makes sense, but it does in my head)